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Cape Epic Special

Discover, thanks to e-FORT, the analytics from Symbtech ZA riders during the Cape Epic, the "Tour de France" of Mountainbiking.


Get some great dynamic analytics to better understand your workouts and performances.


e-FORT includes numerous features with many ways to look at your performances. 


It also includes specific ratios to help you identify your peaks, evaluate your fitness, and emphasize the conditions that led you to your best ever.

Share your data with whoever you want... but whoever you decide.

Then, through e-FORT, those lucky ones will be able to see and analyze your data as if they were theirs.

They will even be able to compare your data to theirs.

Coaches will be able to collect the data of all their athletes, analyze them, and compare them from one to another.


Because it is also a way to get better, we offer you the capacity to compare your data to people who are sharing their data with you.

Then you could identify your strengths and where you can still improve.

You will not have to go check their profile, their data will come to you!


The Symbtech ZA team

Amy Wakefield (née McDougall)

Amy is a South African Elite Montainbike rider, specialist of Cross Country Marathon Series.

Praised for her 3A technique, she has placed herself among the very best in the world.

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Ariane Lüthi

Ariane is the current Swiss Elite Cross Country Marathon Champion.

In 2022, she will pair up with Amy on some of the most prestigious competitions: the Andalucia Bike Race, the Cape Epic, or the Swiss Epic are some of the challenges that they, with Amy, have decided to embrace.

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